Basic tariff
basic tariff incl. first minimum fare (0,20 €)
3,50 €

Fare in tariff zone  I
0 – 5 km:
5 km – 10 km:
10 km: 

1,90 €
1,70 €
1,60 €

Fare in tariff zone II
Equivalent to waiting time (per hour).

28,00 €

Approach costs
Approach costs in tariff zone I is free, crossing tariff zone II also

Waiting time
Waiting time – also for traffic hold-ups.

28,00 €

Order charge
Per item of luggage (dimensions approx. 55x40x20 cm)

1,20 €
0,60 €
0,60 €

Mini VAN

A vehicle which is built, equipped and licensed to carry more than 5
people including the driver and is also capable of carrying at least
50kg of luggage in a separate luggage area or boot. The surcharge
for the 6th person and above is …? regardless of the total number
of passengers carried.

6,00 €

Fixed prices airport <<>> exhibition
Fixed prices apply in both directions between the airport and new
exhibitions taking the direct route, including possible surcharges,
through villages and on country roads. No motorways.

63,00 €