On receiving your call at the control room, your name, address, destination and, for advance bookings, your pick up time and location are noted. Other requests, too, such as estate car, longer journey, non-smoking taxi, whether the driver should ring the bell, honk or do neither are all noted in your order.
While this may sound simple, a taxi driver’s life can be made incredibly difficult by similar sounding streets. Street names containing Germany’s famous inventers such as Diesel, Daimler and Zeiss can be found in almost all towns and cities. In contrast, hunting down house numbers can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even the world’s best detectives would sometimes have difficulty finding some of the house numbers given to us. It is also sometimes difficult to locate passengers that have given us their correct name when ordering, but who are only visiting the address given or have recently moved in.
And then there’s always the regular customer who rings in and whispers the words, “Hi it’s me. Be so kind and send me a taxi”, and puts the phone down before the controller can get any more details. As you can see getting the details correct is one of the most important parts of the whole operation.

Despite the fact that our control centre has six lines and because the details of each order have to be taken down carefully, you might sometimes have to wait a few minutes before your call is taken.

Our controllers will also be happy to provide you with information regarding the fare, journey duration and other questions.

Our control center knows which taxis are nearby or will be available soon. The control center then radios your order details to the taxi and it’s on its way. The controller then issues your order details with the number of the taxi. The computer enters the time at which your order is given to the driver automatically.

Once the driver has picked up his/her passenger, he/she then radios in to the control centre with the destination to make it easier for the controller to allocate subsequent orders.

No doubt all taxi drivers could write a book about all the things that can happen during a journey. Why not ask the driver the next time you’re in one of our taxis. They’re sure to share one or two of their more interesting experiences with you.

Once you have arrived at your destination, the driver radios in to the control center and the taxi becomes “available" and this status is entered into the computer.

If there is another fare nearby, the driver is given the order details.

Otherwise the driver returns to the taxi rank and waits for the next fare.